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  • Emil Hein

    Emil Hein

    I'm a fullstack developer that enjoyes testing new features and services. This is mainly within JavaScript, Nodejs, AWS and Vue2/Vue3.

  • Dan Neciu

    Dan Neciu

    Software Engineer @Glovo 👨‍💻 Passionate about UX / Testing Practices and Continous Integration ⚒️

  • Spiros Economakis

    Spiros Economakis

    Senior Engineering Manager / SRE @mattermost, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), Terraform Associate, Author of “Argo CD in practice” book (TBD)

  • Angelos Michalopoulos

    Angelos Michalopoulos

  • Athanasia Lykoudi

    Athanasia Lykoudi

    Web and motion designer. Tech nerd. Drone pilot. Ogilvy kid. Shooting and editing videos at @invasla

  • Thanos Polychronakis

    Thanos Polychronakis

    Software Engineer, CTO, Founder turned Gardener. Founder of https://skgtech.io and https://devitconf.org

  • Eleni Chourouzidou

    Eleni Chourouzidou

  • Anthony Rousounelos

    Anthony Rousounelos

    Software Product Manager @theblueground 💻

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